Build Your Christian Personal Brand

This course is your blueprint for creating a brand that suits your calling, and that conveys the trustworthiness and dependability your audience is looking for

Your Christian personal brand showcases the unique value God created in you, expresses how you can guide followers and is the magnet they need to see in order to invest in services and products from you and not from someone else.

The biggest difference between regular personal branding and Christian personal branding is that you’re going to be held to a new standard of operating. How you conduct yourself in business will be a testimony and witness to God in your marketplace. What people say about you and your products or services, to your face and behind your back, is part of your testimony. How you dress and behave with others is part of your testimony. Your online presence, including your social media profiles, is a big part of your testimony. What you do online will not go unnoticed, and in business, and in Christian personal branding, you want to make sure you’re being noticed for the right things - what God has called you to do.

Fortunately, you can manage your Christian personal brand to promote the image and the message you want to get across. You can shape your Christian personal brand to make the right impression on everyone who comes across your name. But it’s up to you to take responsibility for the bringing-to-life and monitoring of your brand.

This course is your blueprint for creating a brand that suits your calling, and that conveys the trustworthiness and dependability your audience is looking for and God demands of those called to guide.


If Christian Personal Branding sounds overwhelming, then this course will simplify the process for you. It focuses primarily

  • on developing a Christian personal brand that helps you attract new business opportunities (customers, clients, business partners, etc.)
  • showing you how to build a successful brand to help you spread your message to a wider audience
  • practical (and some spiritual) tools and resources to help you with the personal branding process and managing your reputation
  • Everything you need to build and sustain your brand identity, God’s way.


Most business owners and entrepreneurs know that it's essential to define a brand for their business. But developing a personal brand is even more important.

Your Christian Personal Brand tells people who you are, as a person, your unique God-First message, and what value you offer.

It tells people who the human being is behind your business, and it helps your customers relate to you. That’s because...

People follow and trust a person, not a business.

And people will remember YOU, as a person, before they remember your business.

With a clear and compelling personal brand, you'll be able to:

  • Easily build a relationship with your audience, which leads to more sales
  • Grow your reputation as an expert or thought leader, which leads to new opportunities and new clients
  • Craft a consistent message to share with people you meet, so they know exactly how you can help them and how they can help you
  • Create content that attracts your ideal audience, since you'll know exactly what you want to talk about and how you want to say it
  • Boost the visibility of your business, since people will see you, the person, and then want to learn about your business.
But how do you build a personal brand that truly represents who you are and what you want to be known for?

And how do you communicate your personal brand to the world?

There are several distinct steps to follow, and we walk through them all in our ready-to-go course - Build Your Unique Christian Personal Brand.


Module 1 – Why Do You Need a Personal Brand?

Branding builds trust and credibility with your audience, which is just as critical for you as an individual as it is for a business. In Module 1, you’ll explore the importance of personal branding and evaluate where you are currently, so you can start building a Christian personal brand that is both memorable and unique.

Module 2 - Clarify Your Vision for Your Personal Brand

Being clear about your vision allows you to design a path towards your success. In Module 2, you’ll learn how to create a vision board for your personal brand, so you can develop inspiring goals to follow.

Module 3 - Define Your Personal Values

Your uniqueness as a human being will make you stand out from other people in your field. In Module 3, you will learn to clarify your God-given qualities and values, which will underpin your personal brand and show your authenticity.

Module 4 – Craft Your Personal Brand Message

You need to communicate your uniqueness in a concise way that also conveys the benefits you offer. In Module 4, you’ll learn how to craft a God-first personal brand message and story that expresses both your personality and value and which resonates with the right followers.

Module 5 – Develop Your Brand’s Visual Style

Having a cohesive visual representation of your brand is vital. In Module 5, you’ll learn to choose the visual look and guidelines for your personal brand, so you present a coherent identity that’s immediately recognizable everywhere.

Module 6 - Refine Your Brand Communication Style

You express your personal brand not just through visuals, but also how you behave, online and off. In Module 6, you'll learn how to communicate your personal brand through your words and behaviors, so everything you say and do conveys the same message and image.

Module 7 – Assemble Your Branding Pack

Once you've defined the foundation for your personal brand, you need to make sure it's consistent all the time. In Module 7, you’ll learn how to put together a pack or folder with all your branding assets handy, and to make the necessary changes to your website, profiles, and bios.

Module 8 – Select Your Brand Communication Channels

With your personal brand clearly defined, you now need a strategy for spreading the word. In Module 8, you’ll focus on how you can use content to build your personal brand and the methods best suited to reach your target audiences, such as blogging and video.

Module 9 – Use Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand

Social media is a powerful tool for establishing your personal brand and helping you stand out in your industry. In Module 9, you’ll learn how to create a social media strategy that enhances your personal brand and helps you engage with their audience... without eating up all your time.

Module 10 – Manage Your Personal Brand Online and Offline

When you have a personal brand, you’re putting yourself out there for the world to see. In Module 10, you’ll learn how to manage your personal brand image, online and offline, so you retain a responsible and reliable reputation that inspires your audience’s trust.

Module 11 – Leverage Your Personal Brand through Your Network

Having a clear personal brand helps you expand the value of your network of personal and professional connections. In Module 11, you’ll explore ways to leverage your personal brand to build relationships that lead to new opportunities and increased influence.

Module 12 - Review and Refine

In this final module, you will bring together everything they've done in the course to form a powerful branding blueprint. You’ll also get the opportunity to review the course and plan future action, so you can achieve the goals you set for this course.


  • Course Book - 83 pages of content and activity instructions (a comprehensive self-study eBook)
  • Action Guides - Worksheets that help you take action on what you learn
  • Summary Cheat Sheets - A 44-page course overview, which includes the main takeaways, key points, and action steps from each module of the course. This is a quick reference to save time, versus having to refer to the coursebook every time.
    Customers always love these!


  • Core Values Exercise – Use together with the Action Guide to narrow down your core values
  • How Others See Me Exercise – Use together with the Action Guide to find out how others see you in the world
  • Build Your Unique Personal Brand Overview Infographic - gives you an 'at a glance' visual of the process for launching and marketing your online course (in .pdf)
  • Handouts of All of the Presentation Slides - so you can follow along, take notes, and refer back to the material later.

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